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Dredge Boat
Rua Mard
Rua Mard is a dugout boat with a rounded bottom, dug from the Takien log (a dark, hard wood similar to teak). It is constructed in different sizes, big, medium and small. The big one uses many paddles ...
Rua Moo
Rua Moo is a beautiful, delicate, medium - sized dugout boat with a rounded bottom, like a halved watermelon. The bow and stern are small. Gunwales are built around the sides of the boat. In the middl ...
Link Boat
Rua Sam Pan
Rua Sam Pan, sometimes called Rua Sam Pang or Rua Saam Pan, is a small Chinese-style boat attached to a Chinese junk for rescue purposes or as a lighter boat to paddle from the junk to the shore. It's ...
Rua Pee Lork
Rua Pee Lork is a fishing boat made from 3 planks, used in the era of King Rama V. It's cute and long. A stretcher is placed at the bow and the stern. On the left side is a pillar 1 meter high from th ...

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